ERHS LeTSGAB (letsgab27) wrote,

New Elected Officers

Hello everyone! This is your new Secretary Daniel McCarthy and your new Treasurer Tara "Skwid" Shimer. We would like to thank you very much for giving us your votes and we will try our best to service you as best as possible! We hope that we can do as good a job as Laura and Lydia did. Have a good summer and make sure to come to LeTSGAB next year!

Edit: This is Vicky, ur new Gopher. i'd also like to thank all u kids for voting for me, im very happy to be a part of the LeTSGABian officers. Congrats to u guys, Skwid and Daniel, im sure u guys will make LeTSGAB even better. Im pretty sure no one reads this lol, but if u do please comment so i know that im not just talkin to myself...
Much love,
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