ERHS LeTSGAB (letsgab27) wrote,

Happy holidays to all you LeTSGABians!

Rather than decking the halls with bells of holly, we're instead going to be treating our lovely friends to the wonders of stories, food, and a fun time overall. We usually do this storytelling deal around Halloween, but because of the bi-weekly meetings, things are slightly shaken up. Our next meeting, December 15, 2004, in T-6, we be the last of 2004, and we will start up again after the break. Hope to see you all there!

(By the way, I'm sorry for those who comment and I have yet to respond. I've been quite busy with midterms, finals, and my personal favorite, boy troubles. I'll get around to answering all your comments, I swear!)

--Daniel McCarthy
LeTSGAB Secretary, 2004-2005
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