ERHS LeTSGAB (letsgab27) wrote,

Julie's reign of terror is now over!... just kidding.

Welcome to the 2005-2006 schoolyear! With this means that LeTSGAB will be beginning up in a couple weeks. Our new sponsor, Mr. Hovan, is very nice and it seems that he will be a very good person to work with for the organization.

This year, I want to try something different. I liked LeTSGAB in the past, but sometimes I felt that it was too lacking. We continued to lose many members until we were dwindled down to a handle excluding the officers. I don't want this to happen again. I want us to start of strong like we did last year and end strong. What does this mean? We want to hear from YOU. We want your ideas, what you think we should talk about, etc. We're also going to try and do fundraising, something we've been talking about for the past two years. I want this club to be something that we can all look back on one day and be glad to know it was there.

Our first officers meeting will be this Thursday, August 30. We will be determining the calendar then, so further meeting dates are TBA. Check back here in a few days for more updates.

I hope everyone is having a great schoolyear, whether at Roosevelt or not! And for those of you at Roosevelt, I look forward to meeting you at our first meeting.

--Daniel McCarthy
LeTSGAB President 2005-2006
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