ERHS LeTSGAB (letsgab27) wrote,

Your new president says, "Hello!"

Hi everyone. Today was the last LeTSGAB meeting, and I'd like to announce the winners of the election:

President: Daniel McCarthy
Vice President: Abbie Boyle
Secretary: Katie (don't know her last name, sorry)
Gopher/Secretary: Vicky Rheault

I'd like to thank everyone who voted for me. It's greatly appreciated, and I'm sure the other candidates are also appreciative. We have some exciting announcements now!

1. Mr. Lord will no longer be our sponsor. However, Mr. Hoovan has been nice enough to sponsor us for next year!

2. LeTSGAB members will be playing laser tag next Friday at Laser XP Sport in Laurel. We may ask for you to pitch in a few dollars but we will try to cover it. If you'd like to come, please let Julie or any of the officers know.

3. Youth Pride Day is still this Saturday, rain or shine, so please come if you'd like! Greenbelt Metro, 9:45am. Be there!

This sure feels weird updating as a new position, and soon Katie will be taking over all of these updates, but I just wanted to say thanks again and I sincerely hope that next year will be a good year for all of you heading to college and to those sticking around for LeTSGAB! Have a good summer and I will see you next year!

--Daniel McCarthy
LeTSGAB President, 2005-2006
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